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Naturcleaning Color hypoallergenic washing gel 1,5 liter

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2100 Ft

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Unit price: 1400 Ft / liter

2100 Ft

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Product description

Naturcleaning Color hypoallergenic washing gel for colored clothes can be used for both machine and hand washing. Thanks to its special composition, which can be rinsed very well, we can wear clean clothes with a pleasant smell even after using a fabric softener. No white detergent residue remains in the fabric.

What textiles can be washed with Naturcleaning Color hypoallergenic detergent?

Naturcleaning Color hypoallergenic washing gel gently cleanses, perfect for both wool and silk fabrics. It does not contain cellulase enzyme, so it is also suitable for washing bamboo nappies.

Green washing tips:

The warm water dissolves on its own, use only the amount of detergent you need.
Before washing, perform individual stain cleaning, soaking the laundry as needed.
Only start a full wash.
Do not leave detergent in the bottle, rinse with water during the last use.
Without rinsing, even a washable substance can stick to the wall of the bottle.
Use rinse aid only if necessary.
Know the hardness of the water used for washing, take this into account when washing. In soft water, you can reduce the amount of detergent by up to a third.
If you suffer from a fragrance allergy, we recommend the Naturcleaning Sensitive fragrance and allergen-free product line.


Ingredients: anionic surfactant 5% or more but less than 15% (biodegradability> 90%), amphoteric surfactant less than 5%, fragrance, preservative (Benzisothiazole, Phenoxyethanol)


Dosage: It can be dispensed economically because 75 ml of washing gel is sufficient for washing 4-5 kg dry clothes when average dirty. Please read the instructions on the label to select the correct dosage. The dosing is influenced by the hardness of the water used for washing (check with your local drinking water provider), the dirtyness of the clothes and the washing temperature. The softer the washing water, the less detergent you need. For heavily dirty laundry, use stain remover and pre-soak.

Safety Warning


ATTENTION! Causes serious eye irritation! Keep out of reach of children! IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do so, and continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice / attention! Wash hands thoroughly after use! Store above +5 oC.

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