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25.000 Ft feletti rendelés esetén a szállítás INGYENES!

The beginning…

My original professional qualification is a chemist and teacher. As a professional detriment, I spent a long time at every purchase making it possible to put products in my cart that meet my principles. In 2010, I decided to start a cleaning company, according to my own principles, to protect the animals and our environment. Within a few months, I started with a credit card and a huge big inner faith.

Our goal is to contribute to a clean, healthy home and work environment with our environmentally friendly products, while keeping as little space as possible away from wildlife and continuously reducing our ecological footprint.

I am a person with an environmental and animal-friendly spirit, which is why we have it all.

I also ran home from my wedding to feed my few days old kittens rescued from the sewer in my bridal dress in the attic.

This love of animals was also inherited by my daughters. We are temporary hosts for pets rescued from anesthesia and difficult fate.

It is our heart's desire to reach as many people as possible with our cruelty free, environmentally friendly and skin-friendly products, thus offering a green path to a more lovable future.

Why do we do it?

To have as few environmentally tested products on the shelves and in the home as possible. We want our offspring to enjoy the beautiful trees, forests, shores and to love and take care of their pets as family members.

It is inspiring to know that we have already saved our environment from thousands of cubic meter of plastic waste with our unique campaign to buy back and refill used Cudy bottles.

Our company has 8 years of ISO9001, ISO14001 and GMP good manufacturing practice certifications.

What does that mean? You can view it here.