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25.000 Ft feletti rendelés esetén a szállítás INGYENES!

"Why do we have to clean our outdoor membrabed clothes with special cleaning detergent?"


These materials can provide the user with extra services such as air permeability, rapid drying, thermal insulation, sweat removal, rapid evaporation, water repellency, or some degree of water resistance.

The clothes do not lose these extra properties if you wash with a special detergent. Washing with normal detergent and fabric softener dissolves, destroys and clogs these membranes. A more expensive piece of clothing can lose after only one or two washes the extra abilities for which we paid more.

Using our hypoallogene NATURCLEANING Sport & Outdoor wash gel, our clothes will retain their original quality for a long time without the use of fabric softener, even at low temperatures (20˚C). Thanks to tea tree oil, it effectively frees clothes from unpleasant odors.

It can be used for membrane, sports, outdoor clothing, synthetic, natural fibers and mixed fiber fabrics.