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The natural disinfecting effect of sunlight


Freshly washed clothes, bed linen and towels can be dried in different ways:

  1. 1. Indoor dried clothes: clothes on the dryer or radiator, can increase the air humidity by up to 30%, which helps the growing of various molds.
  2. Tumble Dryers: It is true that it is an easier and faster way to dry your clothes, but this solution consumes a lot of energy.
  3. Clothes dried outdoors: spread the clothes in a place that is as airy and sunny as possible, as this will dry them faster, give them a fresh scent. The sun-disinfeting effect also helps in the cleaning effect.

Why is it good to hang clothes outdoors?

Sunlight kills germs and bacteria, viruses, yeasts and molds, so it has an antiseptic effect.

It was discovered in 1878 that sunlight prevents the proliferation of infections. The rays that cause the inactivation of bacteria are known as ultraviolet radiation, which is found in solar radiation that is not detected by the human eye. UV-c rays are filtered out by the ozone layer and have a strong germicidal effect.

Ultraviolet can be divided as follows:

  • UV-A 380-315 nm "black light"
  • UV-B 315-280 nm "responsible for sunburn"
  • UV-C 280-200 nm "germicidal effect"
  • UV-C-VUV 200-100 nm "ozone formation"

Green washing tips:

  • The warm water dissolves on its own, use only the amount of detergent you need.
  • Before washing, perform individual stain cleaning, soaking the laundry as needed.
  • Only start a full wash.
  • Do not leave detergent in the bottle, rinse with water during the last use.
  • Without rinsing, even a washable substance can stick to the wall of the bottle.
  • Use rinse aid only if necessary.
  • Know the hardness of the water used for washing, take this into account when washing. In soft water, you can reduce the amount of detergent by up to a third.